Hello! I'm Ricky.

I am 6 year old and I live in Mantova, my house is close to Palazzo Te and close to Te park. When it's sunny, I usually go to park to play with other children and we enjoy a lot. This park is very big and we can run, ride a bike or play football with my friends.

I like cookies, cakes and the jam that prepares my grandmother.
My grandmother is called Mariangela. She's good and she always cleans the house. She rubs very strong and then says: "And so, now it's all clean and you don't have to come in with dirty shoes!" My grandfather is named Marco and he can do many things, but he cannot do the tie's knot. They also have a dog named Roxy.

nonno marco nonna mary

My grandmother Mariangela decided to create a bed&breakfast at their home: I don't know what it means but my dad told me that it is like a nest always ready for the birds who come from far away and want to sleep. I am very happy because, when I can, I carry our guest to their rooms and, if there are children, I can play with them.

Roxy is happy too and it sniffs everything.

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